EPDM and CCW Miradrain

We have perfected the process of sealing decking and enclosed patios using our tried and proven method of a combination of EPDM and CCW Miradrain to form the perfectly sealed aesthetically pleasing seal to compliment decking, pavers, and concrete.

EPDM strips are sealed tight against the shear wall and into door thresholds 6".

This shows another final surface with stucco and a properly installed EPDM stripping at the door threshold.

EPDM stripping is applied 12" up the wall of the patio or deck area. It is important that all door thresholds are at least 6" off the deck to ensure piling snow does not leak into the door or window.

The stripping is tightly sealed underneath the final surface.

EPDM sheets are then adhered to the decking and wall strips to create a lasting water tight bond. A perimeter of a non-cosmetic drip edge is applied to the entire eave section of decking.

After the EPDM sheeting has been fully adhered to the decking, a water tight layer of CCW Miradrain is applied to the entire sheeted surface creating a protectant water tight barrier. This will allow any moisture trapped between the EPDM and final surface to drain properly. Without this step leaks into the walls and decking can become problematic.

All columns are stripped in the same manner as the doors, windows and walls to ensure that there is no entry for moisture at these locations.

The non-cosmetic drip edge is covered on top, adhered to the EPDM decking with a water tight EPDM cover tape.

The Miradrain is adhered on top of the EPDM and cosmetic strip.

A second cosmetic drip edge is applied to the perimeter of the Miradrain giving a very appealing final surface. There is approximately a 1/4" gap between the two perimeter drip edges to allow air to freely flow into the miradrain and water to escape. This surface is ready for decking, concrete, pavers or any other final surface to be installed directly.

This image shows a 100% complete EPDM, Miradrain, stripping installation awaiting concrete or pavers. The cosmetic drip edge still has a protective plastic film that will be removed upon finishing.

Here is another photo of a completely finished application awaiting concrete pavers..

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